Vision Mātauranga

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Strengthening the capacity and capability of iwi/hapū/whānau and Māori business to deal with climate change impacts, risks and adaptation.

Ko ngā mahi inaianei hei oranga mo rātou apopo.

For those whom we hope will benefit from our efforts today.

The Deep South Challenge will apply the MBIE Vision Mātauranga objectives through strategic planning and research. These efforts will contribute innovative, practical and sustainable solutions for Māori and all New Zealanders.

The Vision Mātauranga programme of research is strengthening connections between Māori and the science system to increase knowledge transfer between these groups, and increase iwi/hapū led research and development strategies.


Strategic elements

Deep South Challenge Vision Mātauranga will be realised through five strategic elements. These strategic elements will help to realise the Mission Statement (and related Policy Objectives) of the Vision Mātauranga framework agreed by the Ministry for Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) for the Deep South Challenge.

The five elements are:

  • Kaupapa Māori Research Principles
  • Governance Māori
  • Engagement, collaboration and partnerships
  • Research capability, capacity and leadership
  • Transformative context and future-focused research.


Research themes

Vision Mātauranga science projects will be built around four research themes.

  • Understanding climate change - linkages, pressure points and potential responses
  • Exploring adaptation options for Māori communities
  • Assistance to Māori businesses to aid decision-making and long-term sustainability
  • Products, services and systems derived from mātauranga Māori.

It is expected that science projects build upon research advances made to date and foster greater understanding of how climate research can contribute to the aspirations of iwi, hapū, whānau and Māori enterprise.


Vision Mātauranga Science Projects

Programme primary contact and science lead

The primary contact and science lead for this programme is Darren Ngaru King (Ngāti Raukawa).



Latest news and updates

“Gaining traction on intractable issues”: An interview with Partnerships Director Susan Livengood

Susan Livengood is the Partnerships Director of the Deep South Challenge, and works within the Engagement programme – which tries to connect what’s happening in every programme of the challenge with both the broader public and with targeted individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand’s public and private sectors.

Deep South Challenge tackles crucial task of understanding and adapting to climate change

On Monday 4 September, Minister for Science and Innovation Paul Goldsmith will open the inaugural Deep South Challenge symposium at the Wharewaka (Wellington waterfront), about how New Zealand can and must change in line with our changing climate.

Climate Change and Mātauranga Māori

Seven kaupapa Māori climate change projects – a first for New Zealand climate research – to be celebrated at inaugural Deep South Challenge symposium