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In Aotearoa, the whenua, our awa and the wider natural environment are core to our identity.

Māori in particular maintain ancestral relationships with the living world, and require the authority to protect natural resources appropriately.

Under climate change, each and every one of us has a responsibility to care for the natural environment, so that our taonga species survive and so that we can continue to eat and trade, as well as to enjoy the outdoor environments that are so important to us.

The primary sector is a key part of New Zealand’s economic system. Agriculture, forestry and fishing are all central to our modern economy. These resources will help iwi, industry bodies and growers understand the broad climate impacts facing the primary sector, as well as local adaptations and decision-making tools being tested by leaders in the sector.

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The Deep South Challenge is only one organisation among many doing important climate research. We encourage you to check out these organisations:


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Whenua i te ao, i te pō. Ka taea te whenua te kōrero ki a mātou.

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