Research report

Transitions to water-based land uses that enhance taonga species

This report summarises the work undertaken as part of Enhancing taonga species. The research considered climatic, ecological and hydrological variables that might foster or inhibit the revitalisation of coastal taonga species – in particular, tuna (eels) and īnanga (whitebait).

Chapter 1 provides an overview of the background and aims of the research, the research funding, the location of the research case studies, the research team and the potential for continuation of this research. Chapter 2 describes the stakeholder engagement processes that were undertaken, including with local whānau and landowners, other researchers and central or local government.

Chapter 3 outlines hydrology and related modelled undertaken by Dr Christian Zammit, which linked in with the freshwater ecology research conducted by Dr Rebecca Eivers as described in Chapter 4. The landscape design work conducted by Mercia Abbott is summarised in Chapter 5. The Implementation Plan, and the Conclusions and Recommendations from this research are outlined in Chapter 6.


Enhancing taonga species