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Most of our marae are built along the coast or by flood-prone rivers. Climate change – like other historical upheaval – threatens to separate some of us from our papakāinga.

Planning early will help whānau, hapū and marae communities deal with the impacts of climate change.

Your plans need to consider how climate change will affect your marae infrastructure, wāhi tapu, whenua and wai māori. Adaptation planning reduces risks to your taonga, and can help you uncover new social and economic opportunities. 

Ahikā must be involved with and in control of climate decisions. This will create better solutions for future generations and the living world.

Protect your whakapapa! The mātauranga, information and tools here and across this website can help you and your whānau:

  • understand past and present change
  • agree on what you can and can't risk
  • make great decisions about the future.

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The Deep South Challenge is only one organisation among many doing important climate research. We encourage you to check out these organisations:


Tania Hopmans

Tangoio Marae

Marae are part of the communities you serve. Look after them, too.

for change

He Karanga: Research funding for Māori

Two new funding initiatives, Te Aho and Te Taura, to support organic, creative, innovative, Māori responses to the impacts of climate change.