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We all want to be safe in our homes, for our families now, and for our children when they grow up. But climate change is a slow-moving disaster. Will your home be safe? How can you find out?

It’s important to have a long-term plan for your major asset so it doesn’t become a major liability. Is your home a forever home, or do you plan to sell? What timeframes are you thinking about? 

Thinking through these questions will help your financial security and support community resilience. Your plan needs to consider what’s likely to happen in your area, including:

  • what climate impacts are likely to hit and when
  • what your council will or won’t do to protect infrastructure
  • how your insurer or bank might change their policies over time
  • how your property’s value might change over time. 

These resources can help you understand and assess your climate risks.

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The Deep South Challenge is only one organisation among many doing important climate research. We encourage you to check out these organisations:


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