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Climate change will impact all sectors of society. The more that businesses plan and prepare now, the better workers and business bottom lines will fare.

The business sector in Aotearoa is mainly made up of small-to-medium-size businesses. With many competing demands, climate adaptation is often low on the list of priorities. Yet we’ve seen from recent local and global events how vulnerable Aotearoa is to international instability. Disasters also have an impact on local and rural labour markets. Climate change, like Covid-19, will make the business environment less stable.

Early adaptation will ensure businesses aren’t caught out by domestic or international climate disasters and can also support a climate-safe economy. Ideally, adaptation planning can create new opportunities for growth and trade.

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The Deep South Challenge is only one organisation among many doing important climate research. We encourage you to check out these organisations:


Sam Huggard

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It’s really up to us to work out what information and science we need, for our constituencies.

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