Research report

Re-shaping the future of the NZ tourism sector

This report delineates the key findings of a research project on climate change adaptation in the specific context of tourism in New Zealand and how understanding the interface between culture and climate change can help respond to the challenges of adaptation.

Key recommendations for policy makers:

  1. Investigate the development of a national strategy for climate change adaptation in the tourism sector. In addition, there is a need for place specific and co-designed strategies at a regional scale that are developed alongside the tourism sector, local communities, iwi and hapū. These strategies need to consider regionally targeted knowledge building and specifically include a focus on the importance of Māori knowledge and values in underpinning adaptation strategies.
  2. Increase and strengthen the communication of climate change data and information in order to contribute to awareness of adaptation needs in the tourism sector and the design and implementation of adaptation plans.

Recommendations for tourism professionals and operators

1) Incorporate climate change adaptation explicitly into NZ Tourism Sustainability Commitment within the industry.

2) Include climate change adaptation into Framework for Sustainable Growth for Tourism in the Future.

3) Investigate different adaptation strategies for a diverse range and scale of tourism operations, including diversifying experiences, education for tourists, promoting cultural tourism, and collaborating with iwi and local communities.


Culture & climate change