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Kua tārewa te mānuka: What will make us adapt to climate change?

2019 Conference Panel

Chief Editor at Stuff chairs this panel on speeding up climate adaptation.

Regardless of how quickly we reduce our carbon emissions now, a certain amount of climate change is already locked in.

Research to understand climate impacts and support well-planned, timely and cost-efficient adaptation is crucial. Our Impacts and Implications research ranges from climate impacts studies to research around the ethics of sea level rise policy or the risk of insurance retreat due to increased climate risks. 

This panel teases out some of the core challenges of adaptation, and stretches somewhat into the future, to help us understand the signals and triggers that might cause New Zealand to pick up the pace of climate adaptation. 

Chaired by the Chief Editor of Stuff, Patrick Crewdson, with the panellists: 

  • Huhana Smith, Massey University;
  • Janet Stephenson, University of Otago 
  • John Mauro, Auckland Council
  • Lisa McLaren, Generation Zero
  • Rob Bell, NIWA
  • Tim Grafton, Insurance Council