Research Project

Climate change risk assessment for land-based activities

This project aims to give land stewards a greater understanding of the most suitable crop options for their land, by providing a holistic understanding of the benefits and consequences of the options.

A woman and child plant natives with dairy cows in the background.

The vision for this research is to identify a greater range of suitable land opportunities and more diverse benefits for New Zealand. Climate change will impact on all options, and there is a need to future-proof land use decision making.

This project is a collaboration with the Our Land and Water National Science Challenge, and is a continuation of an earlier project, in which several biophysical models were used to project future changes in production.

In this new phase, we are developing a methodology to assess the risks on future land use options due to climate change:

We will be working across several land use types, including pastoral, arable, horticultural and forestry options. The risks we consider are being identified through discussions with our stakeholders.

Previous research: