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Helping New Zealanders to make decisions informed by climate science, and to inform Deep South Challenge research.

Successful public engagement in science is not only about communicating information, but involves understanding what the public know, need to know, and their different values and attitudes. In the case of the Deep South Challenge, this also means communicating these needs back into the scientific process. In order to do this we need to develop the appropriate knowledge, skills, and capacity for all those involved, both inside and outside the Challenge.

The Engagement programme will focus on working with Māori, communities, industry sectors and central and local government. These conversations will unify all three core interconnected research programmes (Processes and Observations, Earth System Modelling and Prediction, and Impacts and Implications), and work alongside the Vision Mātauranga programme to facilitate collaboration between our society and our scientists.


The Engagement programme will be delivered through six objectives:

  • Ensuring research responds to New Zealanders’ needs
  • Public engagement to inform climate-related decisions
  • Working with key sectors to enable more informed decision-making
  • Evaluation and research
  • Providing training and support in climate change engagement
  • Providing Challenge updates and information.

Funding opportunities for Engagement

The Engagement programme has an “Expression of Intent” process whereby applicants can apply for small amounts of funding (e.g. $1-10k). Information on how to submit an Expression of Intent (EOI) can be found below. In addition, it is possible to apply for larger grants through the 2017 Contestable Funding round.

Engagement Strategy and Executive Summary

The Engagement Strategy for the Deep South Challenge (DSC) outlines the goal and objectives of the Engagement Programme and describes background research, practical workstreams and example activities for delivery of these objectives. 

Engagement Strategy and Executive Summary

Contact and Programme lead

The Engagement team is made up of Dr Rhian Salmon, Science Lead, Susan Livengood, Director of Partnerships, Dr Joanna Goven, Evaluation Lead and Lorraine Taylor, Engagement Coordinator.  

Please email us DSC-engagement@vuw.ac.nz and will forward your email to the right person.

Engagement Team - About Us

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Latest news and updates

DSC Seminar Series #1 - Professor Pat Langhorne

The importance of processes on the margins of the Antarctic sea ice cover.

We invite you to the first installation of the online DSC seminar series.

New report highlights key research questions to help prepare for climate change

The Insurance, housing and climate adaptation report, commissioned by the Deep South National Science Challenge, highlights key research questions to help prepare coastal communities for climate change. 

David Frame: Understanding climate risks makes us all less vulnerable

With the recent storms and floods ransacking parts of New Zealand, Professor David Frame put pen to paper to discuss floods, attribution and the power of citizen science to help us understand our climate and be more prepared.