NZ Geographic: New Zealand's Next Top Model

two scientists drill into Antarctic ice

The Deep South Challenge (DSC) is featured in a new story in New Zealand Geographic, which is available in shops and online today.

Online HUB for climate impacts and implications

The article is also the leading story on a new online hub that we have catalysed, which brings together high-quality NZ journalism about climate change in one place: 

Climate Hub on New Zealand Geographic

We hope that this will become a really useful resource for public engagement, educational purposes, and sector engagement.

Contact us for more copies

We would also like to send physical copies of the magazine out to any friends of the DSC who have opportunities to share them with associates/ networks - we are hoping these features will also become a useful "entry point" for more tailored discussions about the DSC. If you would like some physical copies, please email the Engagement Team and include in your email (a) your relationship with the DSC, (b) how many copies you would like, and (c) where you will be able to distribute these.

March-April Edition of NZ Geographic

Date posted: 27/02/2017

News type: News

Programme type: Earth Systems Modelling and Prediction