Research webinar

Sea level rise + big storms: What exactly are we in for?

Ryan Paulik presenting his findings at a Deep South Seminar, August 2019.

Councils across New Zealand are declaring climate emergencies. But what climate information are they using to make their decisions and inform their communities?

In this seminar, you’ll hear from Ryan Paulik and Rob Bell (NIWA), whose ground-breaking research investigates how flooding will get worse under climate change – both at the coast and inland, alongside our rivers.

Recent cyclones have shown us how vulnerable we all are to extreme weather – whether we’re living on the coast or inland in a flood-plain.

But what happens when you add 10cm or 30cm or 1m of sea level rise to the picture? Or when big rain events hit rural areas, or towns, or cities, that may not have been hit so badly before?


National flood risks & climate change