Research report

Innovations for climate response

A kete for local government to help inform robust and just decision making

Local government in Aotearoa New Zealand plays a key role in environmental planning and regulation, transport, infrastructure, and responding to natural hazards and extreme weather events. Consequently, regional and district/city councils have an important role in responding to climate change. There is some national guidance, legislation and policy to support councils in undertaking these responsibilities. However, councils are relatively new to climate change response and this – combined with rapid policy shifts, outdated legislation, and increasing extreme weather events – creates uncertainty about their exact roles and responsibilities.

This kete supports councils to take climate action that is informed by robust and just decision making.

The kete:

  • identifies recent climate response by participating councils
  • describes associated benefits of these actions
  • provides guidance on aspects for councils to consider when making decisions about climate response.

This resource is also available here


Innovations for climate adaptation