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Dynamic Adaptive Policy Pathways (DAPP): From theory to practice

In Decision Making under Deep Uncertainty: From Theory to Practice (Springer International Publishing: New York, 2019), edited by Vincent Marchau, Warren Walker, Pieter Bloemen and Steven Popper. Open access E-book.

This open access book focuses on both the theory and practice associated with the tools and approaches for decision-making in the face of deep uncertainty. It explores approaches and tools supporting the design of strategic plans under deep uncertainty, and their testing in the real world, including barriers and enablers for their use in practice.

The book broadens traditional approaches and tools to include the analysis of actors and networks related to the problem at hand. It also shows how lessons learned in the application process can be used to improve the approaches and tools used in the design process.

The book offers guidance in identifying and applying appropriate approaches and tools to design plans, as well as advice on implementing these plans in the real world.

For decisionmakers and practitioners, the book includes realistic examples and practical guidelines that should help them understand what decision-making under deep uncertainty is and how it may be of assistance to them. 


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