Our Research

Our mission is to enable New Zealanders to adapt, manage risk and thrive in a changing climate. We're achieving this by connecting science with society, through five interlinked programmes.

Research strategy

Our research strategy 2019–24 builds on our first five years of research (2014–19) and responds to partner and stakeholder needs by focussing our research and engagement around four key domains: Māori, Communities, Infrastructure and the National Economy.

Through multidisciplinary teams and with strong expectations around engagement and the incorporation of Vision Mātauranga principles, our research is exploring physical and social climate impacts and their implications for the whole of New Zealand society.

Our current research ranges from:

  • Research within those sectors that are or will experience climate change impacts of national social or economic significance
  • Research to better understand the implications of climate change impacts for our key domains
  • Analysis of international global climate models
  • Projections of future climate and climate impacts for New Zealand, at meaningful scales
  • Observations and process studies to improve climate projections for New Zealand

We invite you to read the full research strategy: