New report highlights key research questions to help prepare for climate change

The Insurance, housing and climate adaptation report, commissioned by the Deep South National Science Challenge, highlights key research questions to help prepare coastal communities for climate change. 

The report is a collaboration between Motu Economic and Public Policy Research, Victoria University of Wellington and the Deep South Challenge and highlights issues New Zealand may face as it grapples with “increasingly severe risks” for coastal housing particularly sea level rise which is expected to exacerbate the frequency and impacts of flooding and storm surges. 

David Frame: Understanding climate risks makes us all less vulnerable

With the recent storms and floods ransacking parts of New Zealand, Professor David Frame put pen to paper to discuss floods, attribution and the power of citizen science to help us understand our climate and be more prepared.

Reaching a new generation: Jamie's World on Ice

In November last year our colleagues at Antarctica New Zealand took Kiwi YouTube and social media star Jamie Curry to Antarctica.

Recruiting: Senior Communications Advisor for the Deep South Challenge based at NIWA

This is an exciting opportunity to apply your communications skills to a critical environmental science challenge facing the nation and be part of a highly regarded Communications team.

ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping: Smart Talk

Start date

The Deep South Challenge is very proud to be working in partnership to present the

ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping: Smart Talk run by Auckland Museum

SATURDAY 25 MAR, 6:30PM - 7:45PM

Followed by the ANTARCTICA - while you were sleeping exhibit at 8.30 pm

ANTARTICA - while you were sleeping

Start date

The Deep South Challenge is excited to be partnering with 'ANTARCTICA – while you were sleeping' which is showing at Auckland Museum as part of the Auckland Arts Festival.

Deep South Challenge announces exciting new partnership

The Deep South Challenge is excited to be partnering with

ANTARCTICA – while you were sleeping which is showing at Auckland Museum as part of the 2017 Auckland Arts Festival.

Preparing New Zealand for climate change

Jamie Morton - NZ Herald 14th February 2017

Preparing New Zealand's water stores for a warmer climate is a major focus of new research projects just awarded more than $2 million.

TedX Scott Base 2017

This week, as part of its 60-year-anniversary, Scott Base will host an independent TedX event #TedxScottBase - the remotest venue for a TedX event ever.  TVOne News ran a full three minute segment highlighting the event in Antarctica and the connection to climate change. As the issues around climate change gain momentum in the kiwi psyche and conversation, it becomes more important for projects such as the Deep South Challenge to be part of the conversation to ensure that it’s not a doomsday story, but focusses on how New Zealand will adapt in a changing climate.

Engagement Programme: Opportunities for funding

Do you have an idea for Engagement about the Deep South Challenge (DSC)?
Can you think of innovative ways to help New Zealanders to make more informed decisions about climate change research?
Are there new ideas that you'd like to test about climate change engagement?

Watch the video below, or read the following guidance, on ways to connect with the Engagement Programme through the Contestable funding process.