Climathon NZ 2017

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What do NZ cities need to thrive in a changing climate? For 24 hours we join the rest of the world in bringing our brains together to come up with the solutions our cities need to thrive in a changing climate.

The Deep South Challenge is proud to be a national Climathon sponsor for the third year in a row. And this year, Climathon expands to three NZ cities.

How Climathon Works: What you can expect during the 24 hour event

1: Propose solutions & form teams: 
Friday night is focused on exploring the city's problem areas, developing possible solutions, and pitching your ideas to form teams.

2. Run experiments to test your ideas: 
On Saturday, explore these solutions further using lean methodologies, develop and test hypothesis, and discuss your solution with business professionals and problem experts

3: Present progress and win support:
On Saturday evening, teams present their solutions to a judging panel, who will determine which ideas are most appropriate for each of the available support packages

Find out more at the Climathon NZ website.



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Fri, 10/27/2017 - 08:30
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Programme type: Earth Systems Modelling and Prediction Engagement Impacts and Implications Processes and Observations Vision Mātauranga